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IRving Police Department Vacation Watch Request

This form is used to notify the Police Department of your upcoming vacation.  The police department cannot guarantee that we will be able to check your residence at specific times or dates, but we will make every effort to make as many checks on your residence as time and workload allow.

 Irving Police Department Vacation Watch Request Form

If you return early from your vacation please call 972-721-2661.

Resident Information: * indicates required information

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*Irving Address: *Zip Code:

Your house is North of Highway 183 or South of Highway 183
*Phone Number: Away Phone:
(Phone number where you can be reached while away.)

*Date & Time of Departure:

*Date & Time of Return:


(Notify us immediately if departure or return times change)


Local Emergency Contact:



Phone Number:



Do they have a key?  Yes  No


Persons Authorized on Property (Lawn/pet care, etc.):








Vehicles Left on Property (DO NOT INCLUDE VEHICLES IN GARAGE):

Year: Make: Model: Color: Lic. # & State:
Year: Make: Model: Color: Lic. # & State:

Please Answer Yes or No to the Following:


Alarm system?  Yes  No       Alarm Co. & Phone Number:


Broken windows or screens?  Yes  No      Where?


Lights left on?  Yes  No      Where?


Pets in yard?  Yes  No     What type? How many?


Paper/mail stopped?  Yes  No                      

Member of Neighborhood Crime Watch?  Yes  No


Additional Information: