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City of Irving - Inspection Report  
Permit No. P1712-0215 Permit Type   PLUMBING Site Address   222 W LAS COLINAS BLVD 600N
IRVING, TX 75039
Applied   12/28/2017 Applicant   PENNWAY PLUMBING CONTRACTORS LLC
Approved   12/28/2017 Owner   AG-PCPU URBAN TOWERS
Issued   12/28/2017 Contractor   PENNWAY PLUMBING CONTRACTORS LLC
Parent Permit No.   B1711-0255 Description   INTERIOR REMODEL
  Notes   * Elevator lobby doors required. Atrium-type sprinkler heads are required on both sides of the doors, or install "S"-labeled or 20-minute labeled doors. * A non-fire-rated door is required at the wall connecting the towers and shall have a reflective Maltese cross on both sides of the door.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 02/09/2018**PLUMBING FINALClint SparksAPPROVED/PASS9724155865|

 02/09/2018PLUMBING MISCClint SparksAPPROVED/PASSTCEQ CUSTOMER SERVICE INSPECTION(2/9/2018 4:19 PM CS) TCEQ CUSTOMER SERVICE CERTIFICATION: The plumbing inspection of this facility meets all of the requirements found in Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code, Section 290.46(j).

 12/29/2017PLUMBING ROUGHClint SparksAPPROVED/PASSCHAD 972-415-5865

 12/29/2017PLUMBING TOP OUTClint SparksAPPROVED/PASSCHAD 972-415-5865