10:30 PM
City of Irving - Inspection Report  
Permit No. H1611-0012 Permit Type   CO Site Address   1247 E AIRPORT FWY
IRVING, TX 750624804
Applied   11/03/2016 Applicant   DARREN WICKER
Approved   11/03/2016 Owner   CLAY COOLEY AUTO GROUP
Issued   12/08/2017 Contractor   WESTWIND BUILDING COR
Parent Permit No.   B1606-0295 Description   MWF-CLAY COOLEY KIA
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 12/05/2017CO-FIREJohn OsbornDISAPPROVED/FAIL214-707-8366(12/5/2017 7:38 AM JEO) FIRE ALARM NOT FINISHED

 12/07/2017CO-FIREBuck AsbillAPPROVED/PASS(12/7/2017 3:58 PM BA2) Add bollard to prevent vehicle collision with gas line Patch hole in stairwell drywall