City of Irving's Boards and Commissions Application

Flood Control Districts/Corporations Application


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*1. Are you registered to vote in Irving?
*2. How long have you been an Irving resident?
3. What district do you live in?
*4. Are you currently a member on a city board, committee or commission?
*5. Have you ever served as a member of any Irving boards, commissions or committees?
If yes, which boards and the approximate dates of service.

6. List any civic or community activities in which you have been involved.

* 7. List any experience that qualifies you to serve in the positions indicated.

8. List your educational background.

9. Place of employment or business affiliation. (Specify if you are self-employed, a homemaker, retired etc.)

* 10. What is your work experience?

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Your application will be kept on file with the City Secretary's Office for one year.
If you have any questions, please contact Shanae Jennings, City Secretary, at (972) 721-2493.